The Lord speaks to me daily and I am going to start sharing what He tells me on this blog. I also share it daily on my Facebook page. Here is today’s Word from the Lord. Enjoy!

Tell My children to get into position. Not to operate from their earthly position, but from their Heavenly one. Tell them not to look at all that is happening with their natural eyes but to look with their spiritual eyes so they might see the coming of my Kingdom (therefore, the demise of man’s).

It does not take much to look around you and see all that the Lord is pulling down upon the earth right now. With storms destroying entire towns, volcanoes erupting, and flooding happening all of the world, it is clear that the signs are in place that tell us that there is a sense of urgency to be on purpose for the things of the Lord.

I challenge you to move anything that is not of Jesus from your life. There is no time for drama, distractions or playing small as you move into the position for which God created you. Take your life by the reigns and WORK it!

Love, Ericka