Almost sixteen years ago while I was three-months pregnant, the father of my child married another woman.

I cried every night for three months straight.

I remember praying and praying and asking God for the strength to get me through this. It was one of the most devastating parts of my life.

I was thrust into the world of being a single mother – a reality that had never crossed my mind. I knew God was presenting me with the challenge of my life.

And as I sit here on Mother’s Day 2011, I am grateful! I am so grateful for the way my daughter – although a very intense and incredibly demanding child – has turned out.

She is downstairs cooking me brunch now. As I smell the turkey bacon frying I know that it has been nothing but God who has brought me through the many, many challenges of building this ministry for the last ten years as a single mother.

But, I am so glad that in the face of every challenge, I didn’t quit. I dug in and decided with absolute unshakeable certainty that I would do the full will of God in my life.

I think this is the strength that God gives every mother. And I wanted to take a few minutes to wish you a spectacular Mother’s Day!

I want you to really get in your spirit how incredible you are. And honor you for making it through all of the struggles of being a mother that we don’t talk about.

The sleepless nights. Making sure our babies needs are met.Juggling work and ministry with taking care of our families. Being in – or out of –
relationship with the fathers of our children.

And being the first person our children look to so they can know  and experience a loving God.

I pray that this is a special and loving day for you. Even if your kids are too young to understand all that you do and sacrifice for them.

To every mother…Happy Mother’s Day from the bottom of my heart.

Have an incredible day doing ONLY what you desire to do.

Love, Ericka