The Word does not tell us to only pray for the healing of others.
It says to heal the sick (see Matthew 10:8).
If only  praying for people to be healed is
not scriptural, then why do so many Christians only pray to The Father to heal people
instead of moving in faith and being a vessel for their healing.

I believe this happens because of a lack of understanding of the healing power in the name
of Jesus. We have come to believe that healing is a gift limited to just a few.

This is not true. Healing is something that you and every single Christian has
full access to in Jesus’ name.

But, how do you walk in it? How to you appropriate this power?

Here is a mini-teaching that reminds you of this truth and teaches on the
scripture from which this misunderstanding has stemmed.
Here’s to walking
in the full power, dominion and authority you have been granted through Jesus!


In His Love,