I sent an email out the other day to share about this upcoming Clearing the Way training and I received a response that said, “I have been a Christian for more than 30 years and I received my Dr. degree in Theology 7 years ago.” That was it. That was all it said.

Then it hit me! That was her reply to let me know that she considered herself already spiritually free.

That prompted me to take a question to the Holy Spirit. I asked, “How do we know when we are free? ( I share a bit about it in this video).

We know that the Scripture tells us that “If the Son therefore shall make you free, you shall be free indeed.” (John 8:36) But, how do you REALLY know when you are free?

The Holy Spirit then shared the three dimensions of spiritual freedom. You know you are truly free when you are free from:

1 – Your Past.

2 – The World.

3 – Satan/ALL darkness.

When you are free from your past, you will have absolutely no emotional flashbacks to situations from your past. You will have no emotional triggers that remind you of anything you have been through in your past. When you are free from your past, you truly do forget any and all emotional trauma you have experienced. While the Lord allows you to remember the situation, it is for the sole purpose of sharing your testimony and freeing others.

You live all out with no limitations. There is no fear about taking your business to new levels. There is no hesitation to release the message and gifts the Lord has placed inside of you in a BIG way. You build your vision with no excuses. You truly believe that all things are possible and this belief becomes manifest in every area of your life.

When you are free from the world, you simply are not interested in what people think, what you have or don’t have and all of the things that the world considers important. You are simply focused on being the light of Jesus and walking out your high calling in your business, ministry, profession and life.

No more materialism. No more competition. No more striving for others to notice you or give you accolades. You are clear about who you are and you are 100% committed to fully expressing it in your life with no insecurity or hesitation.

There comes a point in your walk with the Lord where darkness can no longer touch or access you. Satan simply cannot touch you. Spiritual darkness flees from your presence and people carrying darkness cannot come near you. You are freed up to love and be loved by others who have done the emotional and spiritual work to be free and truly walk in the fruit of the Holy Spirit.

You are no longer on the defensive in your walk, constantly praying against thing in your life, but you are on the offensive where each and every desire of your heart is easily coming to pass.

HOW do you get here? How to you get to this place that is promised throughout scripture? There is a way to experience true spiritual freedom right here and now so you can fully access the power of the Kingdom of Heaven in every area of your business, ministry and life.

It requires revelation knowledge and true purification.

It has taken me more than 7 years to build the capacity to carry the messages from the Kingdom of Heaven that I will be delivering in this upcoming  Clearing the Way: The 7 Step Process That Every Christian Needs to Know to Remove Emotional and Spiritual Hindrances 6-week training for individuals ready to become emotionally and spiritually free. Clearing the Way kicks off  on January 13th and will take place from 7:30 pm EST – 9:00 pm EST Thursdays, January 16th – February 17th, 2015.

Visit www.clearingtheway.info to get full details today.

I’ll talk to you soon!

Dedicated to Your Success,