For the last couple of weeks I have been feeling out-of-sorts. I knew that God was up to something BIG this time because I felt so “off.”  

I have been still getting things done, but really wanting to move slowly and sleep a lot. You know that kind of rest in which God is literally reorganizing your very being? When stopping to rest is truly a faith-move because you have to trust God in order for everything to get done?

This is where I have been.

Then, the other day after I managed to double schedule two coaching calls at the same exact time – which is totally not like me – I knew I had to just stop and check-in with the Lord to make sure I hadn’t veered way off track.

I said, “Lord, I feel like I am coming unraveled!” He replied and said, “Daughter, that is exactly what I am doing to you.” Whoa!

Then, He showed me an image of a long thread coming out of an old tapestry. I knew this was any remaining parts of my old self literally
being pulled out. Then, He showed me a thin, golden thread replacing the areas that were being unraveled.

This is not for just me. This is for you.

This is a time of transition for you. Where God is completing the process of recreating you in His image and likeness.

In order for this to happen, He has to unravel the old stuff and remove it from you.

Be gentle with yourself in the days to come. If your body requires extra rest, try to give in to rest as often as possible.

Don’t allow the hustle and bustle of the Holidays to distract you from allowing the Lord to complete His transformation in you. Know that all of the old HAS to go in order for the Lord to move you into the place He has created for you.

Old thoughts. Old habits. Old systems. Old beliefs. Old friends. Old lack. Old burdens. Old behaviors. Old agreements with past pain. Old areas where you have lacked discipline. Everything old HAS to go.

The key is to know that you are right where the Lord needs you to be. And that you must release the old. Whatever you do, do not try to hold on to the old and familiar things the Lord is unraveling from you.


I know I am moving to the other side of this transition because the Lord brought me a NEW program to launch that is going to provide the
structure of accountability for all the Lord is doing in you to truly manifest in its fullness.

More to come on this tomorrow…

In the meantime, have a great Friday evening and I’ll talk to you soon!

Love, Ericka