As you know, faith is a REAL substance in the spiritual realm.

Faith is the material God needs from you to manifest the things you have asked for, but have not yet seen in your life.

Your faith literally builds a bridge from the heavenly realm into the natural realm.

The problem is that all-too-often our faith is not big enough or strong enough for the things we are asking God to be transported (by the angels) into your life.

Many times your faith may waiver. You may feel strong in your faith about something coming to pass one day and the next day doubt may creep in and cause your faith to diminish.

This occurs to continue to teach you how to strengthen your faith so it becomes consistent, unwaivering and big enough to complete the bridge of substance that the heavenly realm needs to “deliver” your blessings.

When your bridge of faith is large enough and strong enough to carry your blessings, the favor in your life increases to prepare you for what the Lord is about to bring to you.

Overflowing miracles and divine appointments line up in your favor.

Before you can increase your faith in big ways, your faith must become consistent.

When you develop consistent faith, circumstances literally submit themselves to the power of your faith and line up in your favor.

The more consistent your faith becomes, the more favor chases you down and every area of your life lines up to pour forth continual blessings.

You know that all things work together for good of them that love God and are called according to His purpose.

But, all-too-often this includes not only things of positivity or light, but it includes things of negativity or darkness that appear to come against us.

Although God will eventually turn it around in your favor, there is a way to have only positive or light working on your behalf.

There are several things you can start doing today (and practice daily) that will move you into having consistent, and then expanding and increasing, faith:

1. Identify and elevate your belief. Belief is the precursor to faith.

2. Open your mind and spirit to receive. We are accustomed to giving, but not receiving.

3. Change what you are “ordering” to manifest in your life from the heavenly realm.

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