Perhaps like me you have been taught for years and years that in order to Jesus to fully use you, you must become nothing. You know the saying, “Use me, Lord. Less of me and more of you?” Well, I recently found out the truth about this – and I have been WRONG all these years!!!!

I absolutely LOVE learning and teaching the Truth of the scripture and i share a teaching that may just short circuit any remaining lack and limitation in your life, ministry and business!

This one shook me up in a WONDERFUL and POWERFUL way!!! I hope it does the same for you! I share this revelation in this video! Put on your seat belt…when you truly “get” this teaching, your life will be forever increased. Enjoy! Oh! And since it has been a couple of weeks since I have talked to you, I shared some updates at the beginning of the video.

Dedicated to Your Success, Ericka

PS. This post received some wonderful feedback! Note that I am NOT saying that we do not need to die to self and the world. I AM saying that once you die to self, there is another level of increase the Lord needs to do through you. This can only happen once we die to self and the world and are living with a pure heart and no uncleanness in us. There is something beyond what most of us have been taught…please don’t miss this revelation.