big-girl-pantiesThis is the time to DIG-IN. Or as my best friend and I put it this week, “It’s time to put on our big girl (woman) pants (okay, we actually said, “panties,”) and make some things happen!” It’s time to do all that you already have learned to do but have not make the time or aligned effort to complete.

The Lord has shown you in what areas He is calling you up to a new level of focus and discipline, it is now up to you to make it happen.

Discipline (Self-Control/Temperance) is a Fruit of the Holy Spirit and it is a natural part of who you are. You are already disciplined.

The question is, in what are you being disciplined and consistent? If there are things you are doing that no longer serve where you are desiring to be, it is time to drop those old ways and habits and diligently work on adopting new behaviors that support who God has called you to be. This increases your joy and makes life much more enjoyable! 

Being strong spiritually without the mental where-with-all to follow-through and complete what you know spiritually can leave you feeling frustrated and like something is missing. It can leave you feeling pressure without knowing precisely what to do about it to keep moving forward. It can leave you knowing you are called to BIG things but experiencing overwhelm and isolation on the way to making things happen. It can also leave you feeling unclear and not knowing exactly what your next step should be.

You must create a strong mindset and new habits that push you beyond where you have ever been before.

One of my favorite mentors shared something that truly elevated my understanding of discipline. He shared, “Discipline sets your value in the marketplace.” DEEP! And SO true!

If you want more from your results, business and ministry, your level of discipline must move to a new level.

Is it be time to get to bed earlier so your mind is fresh and operating at peak level?

Is it time for you to set some clear office hours to build your vision (block them out on your calendar and make sure you show up when you say you will)?

It is time to utilize your calendar and time management tools consistently?

Is it time to release foods that do not support having natural high-energy from your diet?

Is it time to set aside prospecting time in which you are picking up the phone and connecting with your target market consistently every day?

Is it time to increase your time in the presence of the Lord so you can receive His specific instruction and begin each day completely aligned with you He created you to be in every area of your life?

For me, a major shift is not only to get my full 8 hours of rest, it is honoring my body by exercising daily. As a past athlete, my body needs movement and to be pushed in order to feel it’s best. It is time for me to incorporate this this is a new habit and do this no matter what is going on in my world – whether I feel like it or not.

As you move to new levels of discipline, remember that your vision is only as good as your temple. If your body is tired and drained, then God’s vision comes through you tired and drained. This is also a time of heightened self-care and renewal. Take the time to feel balanced, clear and strong as the Lord moves you to higher heights of discipline.

Here’s to moving to new levels (upleveling)! Last but not least, remember to enjoy the process.

Dedicated to Your Success,