You may be thinking, “How can my years of low (or less than high) self-confidence shift in a 3-hour course?”

I am so grateful that someone actually emailed and asked this tough question!

Here is an email I received earlier today. I think she has touched on something you may have been thinking about my upcoming 2-part webinar, Moving Beyond Self-Confidence to Self-Certainty.

Hi Ericka,

I am interested in taking this course, but I’ve suffered from low-confidence in some areas of my life for years. I’m having a hard time believing that in 3 hours I can move ‘Beyond’. Spiritual warfare and growing up in a dysfunctional family among many other things that happen in America are great hurdles to overcome to get back to and beyond ‘high self-esteem’ as the world would say.

I really want to take the course and grow, please help me understand how this is going to happen.

I appreciate your time. – Mary

This was my response:


That is a great question! I will be giving the framework to break up old low self-confidence and a process for you to walk out. The real key is me walking in my spiritual gifts of being able to activate your spirit to remember who you really are beyond the life’s circumstances that have covered who God created you to be.

I have been blessed with a gift of “returning people to their factory settings” as the Lord told me. So, it really will transcend the time we have and bring in the supernatural power of the Lord, so it is not just information, but transformation.

Of course, the two classes will require homework and walking out a plan, but I will provide that for you. There will be follow-up to make sure you are supported in walking out the process. You will have some time to work on it between classes, which is why I give you a week.

Know that when God moves, things that have taken us years to attempt can be done in His glory in accelerated time. That is what this class is about. I will be addressing your mind, body and spirit so they all line up and recalibrate.

Let me know if that helps. I am SO glad you asked!

Dedicated to Your Success,

If you are like Mary and wondering, “Will this just be another class telling me what to do and then I’m on my own to try to walk it out?

That is not the case.

You would be surprised what can shift in just three hours when the supernatural is part of it.

Let me know what other tough questions you may have so nothing stands in the way of you joining me for

Moving Beyond Self-Confidence to Self-Certainty
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