ericka-sparkle.jpgOkay, so no one told me that once your vision is in it’s harvest season that it can be a challenge to keep up with the blessings. Don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining at all, just crackin’ up that I have literally been so blessed that I can barely keep up. And it is fabulous that this is only the beginning. I realize that there isn’t a book about this one! So much in my life has changed since we rung in 2008. I have moved – finally – from my home office to an office space and it has been magnificent! My daughter must have the distinct feeling that my work is getting out in the world more because she has been whining and needing me more than ever. That took some adjusting to.

So, all of the work I have done in getting her to be self-sufficient and independent has to be put on hold for now until I get here comfortable with the changes. The biggest change for her is that I am not home when she gets home from school anymore. I welcome any suggestions if you have made this transition with a pre-teen and everyone kept their sanity – whew!

I am preparing for a huge event, Women’s Empowerment Expo, here in Raleigh at the end of the month and it is going well. God has really shown me some miracles that have been living proof of His power and the power of faith and belief. The biggest has been bringing an investor to support the work at Women’s Empowerment. I have learned so much in this process. The biggest lesson has been that God responds to my level of belief. It is not the other way around. If I continue to renew my mind and expand my belief, then anything is truly possible.

Today is all about getting the orders in for everything I need for the big event and trying to get days carved out in this new rhythm to work this new level of business. I also want to touch base with people much more often. I’ve been saying that I will do that at least once a week and yet all of the pieces are just falling in place for me to really let go of all that I have been doing and give those pieces to team members so I can be freed up to truly be there more for people. I’ll keep writing and let you know how it’s going…

Love, Ericka