This week has been all about teaching how to remain fearless in the midst of the storm of the economic climate that is swirling around us right now.  I decided to look to The Word to see how they weathered storms.

As I was reading the book of Acts, something jumped out at me. As Paul and the other prisoners were on the storm-beaten ship, once Paul sought insight from The Lord and they ate for the first time in days, they then began to throw their grain overboard to lighten their load. This enabled them to sail to shore with the least possible damage. It is time for us to do the same.

Reading this scripture explained the uncontrollable urge I’ve had the last few weeks to clean out and let go of anything I don’t use on a regular basis. I have taken to having a tall white kitchen garbage bag next to my close. I have been letting go of clothes I don’t wear everyday or those that I really had until I got something I truly liked.

I am working to make more time to take a few days to clear out everything from extra plastic containers to socks that just can’t seem to find their match. I have had to empty out the basket I use as my paper recycle bin that stays next to my desk several times a day because of cleaning out unnecessary paper. It has been so wonderfully freeing!

It is time to lighten your load.

Take an honest inventory of your life and start to let go of the excess or even the things you don’t really like or need. In the current economic climate it is actually a faith move. It means that you believe God to replenish anything you have let go. It is the equivalent of throwing your grain overboard to lighten your load and ensure that you won’t be too banged up by the time this storm passes.

What feels heavy in your life? It’s time to give those areas some extra attention. Do your relationships feel heavy? It’s time to throw some overboard. Have you been holding on to things out of fear? It’s time to throw them overboard. Have you been holding onto unfinished tasks? It’s time to get them handled so you can lighten your stress load.

This is the time to get your finances in order so you know what you are spending, where you are spending it and create a plan to prosper. When this storm passes, you will know exactly what to do and have the systems in place to handle the transfer of wealth God is making to the righteous.

What feels heavy and needs to be released? I challenge you to take this time to clear out and lighten up. I’ll do the same.
With All My Heart, Ericka