Most people never achieve their BIG goals. They just remain dreams and never become a reality. It was not until women would attend one of The Alliance (of Christian Business Women) meetings and then I would see them a few years later and ask how there business was coming along. I started to notice a pattern. If they could not get there business to gain traction after two or three years, they tried something else.

In other words, they quit.

The challenge with this is that two or three years is not enough time to gain mastery at the very thing they were called to do. There is a reason for this, especially for visionaries.

One of my “things” is to decode the process to achieving your God-given vision and noticed that far too many people run out of steam before they get to the finish line. This is terribly challenging for our souls and inner spirits. It can even cause you to doubt yourself so much that you never complete the very thing to which you are called. The reason God created you.

This is NOT okay.

Learn what stops most people from manifesting their goals and how you can make sure you achieve yours on this Power Chat with Ericka. Enjoy!