Whew! Two years ago I figured out that I needed to take Mondays off. After seeing a clear trend that I would wake up and by the time I poured out my energy to others all weekend and I got Kalii situated for the day, I would look in the mirror and see sacks under my eyes and for some reason, on Mondays, my hair stands on end.

As if the hair standing up all over my head wasn’t a sign, I began to notice that I was always feeling irritable and slightly agitated and certainly not like interacting with people. Once I realized this the hard part was giving myself permission to have one day a week that was just for me. If I wanted to sleep all day, I could. If I wanted to run errands, I could. If I wanted to take myself out for lunch and window shop, I could. Then, I began to get too busy again and stopped honoring this day that I so desperately needed.

Today I looked in the mirror and actually scared myself. I felt the sacks under my eyes and I think I heard my hair actually scream! So, I climbed in the bed and got out my issues of Architectural Digest and Forbes magazine to read the articles that reflect the life that I am building. Today, I was struck by a five-page ad – one of those ads that read like an article – on the many options now available in personal aviation.

THAT’s what I’m talkin’ about! For years I have been saying that I was born to fly private. Yes, I have all kinds of work to get done today, but the most powerful “place” I can really be is to spend time stretching my mind to receive all that God has already promised me. He’s just waiting on me to believe Him for it. Okay, enough. I’m getting back in the bed now…

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