When I started this journey to living God’s vision full-time, I was constantly working. Okay…so, I still am. But there is a difference now. I truly understand that as long as I keep moving forward in obedience, this vision will come to pass. It is not dependent on my efforts, work, or activity. Yes, I must add work to my faith, but I was working so hard thinking that the harder I worked, the faster my vision would come to pass and the more of God’s blessings I would receive. I put taking care of myself on the back burner and stayed focused on my spiritual life. All the while I was slowly and surely putting on weight.

 I looked up seven years and 80 –yes, 80!– pounds later and it’s time to focus on aligning my body with God just as I have worked to align my life and vision. As a matter of fact, in my renewing of my mind time this morning, I heard The Lord whisper in my ear, “As you take care of your body, you are worshipping me.” Now, that’s new! It is new for me to see taking care of my body as a form of showing my love, adoration, and worship for God. It also gave me permission to put more of my energy and focus on my body’s needs. The scripture that reminds me to see my body as a living sacrifice took on a whole, new meaning and depth to me. Sleep. Eating well. Getting my sweat on daily. And did I mention sleep. Okay…it’s ONNN! I hope you join me… – Ericka

 Ericka D. Jackson, Christian Speaker. Author. Breakthrough Coach. www.erickajackson.com