My area of challenge in living God’s vision full-time has been financial. I have had to go through a lot to fully realize that money is not my security, my security lies only in The Lord.

After seven years of profound learning in this area, I still had one, major lesson to learn and God taught me one sunny afternoon as I was driving home begging Him for money. “Lord, PLEASE, I ask you, release the funds I need to take this vision you have given me to the next level. In Jesus’ name, Amen.”   Well, apparently, God had had it with my begging and responded in a way I can only describe as perturbed. I clearly heard Him reply, “WHY do you keep begging me for what I have already promised you!?”

Okay, at this point I almost drove off of the road into the man jogging on the sidewalk. He continued, “I said speak to the mountain, not ask me if I will move the mountain for you.”   God had been dealing with me through Mark 11:22 for days and I knew exactly what He meant. He then said,” If you want money, speak to the spirit of money.I put a spirit in everything and just as you can command a spirit to leave and it must obey you, you can command a spirit to come to you. Command the spirit of money and it has to respond to you.”

Goodness gracious!!!   I realized at that moment that I was going about this all wrong and from that moment on, I began speaking directly to the spirit of money and life has not been the same! Unexpected clients, checks, ideas, and favor started coming to me at an alarming rate.   I have been speaking to the spirit of new team members, an office, investors, a new babysitter, new office furniture and just about anything else that will assist me in successfully carrying out this assignment of teaching believers to move beyond the fear that has kept them bound. The results have been 100% without fail.

For those things that have not yet manifest, I have blessed assurance and know with certainty that they are on the way. It is done.   God has already promised you His abundance. It is already yours. The problem has been that we haven’t been clear about how we freely access it. He is the boss and you are the new employee, you don’t have to ask for your paycheck from Him everyday.   Go and command it to be so. You have already been authorized to access His treasures.

Speak to the spirit of that mountain -whatever your mountain may be- and watch God show up!

I thought I would share this revelation with you as I walk it out so you, too, can benefit from God’s direction and teaching. What a mighty God we serve! Try it! It works! Email your blessings to me at

With All My Heart, Ericka