What an amazing time in which we are living! I am so deeply struck at the amazing things the Lord is doing in so many of our lives! Although it isn’t always easy, He has left us a clear way to live the abundant life He so dearly promises. As you make the transition into the abundant life, it is important to know exactly where you are in relation to things in the Body of Christ so your day-to-day experience makes more sense and you don’t feel so isolated.

We are in the time of transition to the gospel of the Kingdom (see Matthew 24:14). This means that you are being positioned and shifted into the person the Lord created you to be.

One of the things that happens in this positioning is that the old has to go. This also means old projects, incompletions and things you just haven’t seemed to have the time to get to.

While I’m not talking about everything you may want to do, I am talking about those things that the Lord has instructed you to do.

This is the time to finish those things. Here is a brief video that will help you understand the power and completion and how to walk in it at this critical time.

[Click on the image below to play the 3 min video]










Love, Ericka