Four years ago, after I moved the ministry to Raleigh, NC, the Lord instructed me to walk away from the training contracts I had at the time so I could bring forth the message He placed within me. This put me on a profound search to understand how to access the supernatural provision and wealth principles of Heaven. One day, when I was meditating on the Word of God and asking God to reveal to me why I was experiencing so much financial struggle, He brought me a teaching that changed the course of my ministry and my life.

He simply told me,” You do not have enough vessels.” That sent me on a search of the Word to find out what He meant by vessels and how to create more of them. He took me to the familiar story of the Widow’s Oil in 2 Kings 4:1- 7. I read that scripture over and over for days and knew that I was still missing the fullness of what the Lord was teaching me. 

He continued to open up this scripture and after a week, He completed the fullness of the revelation. I asked God, “Lord, what is it that you are needing me to see?” He said that the key to that scripture was not in the oil, but in the vessels.

From that day forward, I understood clearly why I was struggling and was able to correct my course. 

The first step to understanding the revelation is to know your oil. Your oil is comprised of the wisdom and gifts with which God has blessed you. There is an unlimited supply of oil once you tap into it, but the key does not lie in the oil itself. The key lies in the vessels.

Here is a mini-teaching on understanding your vessels and how to create more of them so you can create generational wealth for the Kingdom of God. Enjoy! 

Love, Ericka