Freedom From Fear Forever 4-part Audio Course


You no longer have to wonder how you are going to fulfill the BIGNESS of your vision with no overwhelm or fear…ever.

There are FIVE levels of fearlessness at which the Lord has called you to operate. When you master all FIVE levels…you are unstoppable. Yet, most people have not even mastered the very first level.

There are SIX new revelations on fear that you need to operate at each of these levels.

You will no longer have to deal with fear of failure…fear of success…fear of rejection…fear of the unknown…fear of what people will think…fear of being alone…fear of intimidation…fear of not knowing enough…fear of not being good enough…fear of provision or lack…fear of responsibility…fear of change…fear of loss of privacy…fear of disappointing others…fear of intimidating others…or any other type of fear you have experienced.

You will leave this experience with a whole new understanding of living 100% with no fear.

How many times have you started a project but haven’t finished it? Or you got a great idea that will move you forward, but things keep getting in the way of you implementing the idea. Whether or not you recognize it, it is fear that is slowing you down. This class helps to make sure you are not one of those who still live with fear.