The Convergence Spiritual Cleansing Method(TM) Training & Certification


The sense of urgency has increased for the people of the Lord to move into their rightful positions on the offensive of walking in the power of Jesus instead of the defensive.

Carrying emotional pain, wounds and hurts in our heart and or uncleanness (works of the flesh) in our spirits prevent us from gaining access to the mysteries, secrets and blueprints of the Kingdom of Heaven that will lead your life into fulfilling the calling you were born to live.

Even many ministries that do work in deliverance and inner healing seem to be missing the pieces that take someone beyond temporary relief to true and complete deliverance.

People are waking up and the Clarion Call has gone out for the Body of Christ to come into alignment with who we were created to be through Jesus Christ. We are no longer engaged in spiritual warfare, Jesus already paid the price and ended spiritual warfare.

Now, we just have to take back the land of our bodies, families, finances, communities, churches, cities, regions and beyond. This is where you come in…

There are countless people you love and care for who are praying for freedom, but have not had access to this level of revelation and understanding. You are the one the Lord has chosen to reach them so they can experience the FREEDOM for which they have been praying.

This Convergence Spiritual Cleansing Method™:

  • Provides the thorough and deep Biblically-based training and ongoing support to set up the administrative side of being a Christian spiritual practitioner using this method.
  • Moves you into unshakeable Kingdom dominion, power and authority where darkness literally flees from your very presence.
  • Eradicates insecurity, depression, fear, procrastination, addictions, anxiety, anger, materialism, racism, and corruption in other’s lives that have been holding them back from enjoying fulfilling relationships, happy marriages and supportive friendships.
  • Teaches you how to stop generational struggle and “curses” and break ties to less than ideal past decisions that have held them back.
  • Opens you up to more gifts and rewards of the Holy Spirit as you stand in gap for others to remove hurt and oppression from their lives.
  • Allows you to be a greater vessel for other’s physical healing as well as your own as you move in dominion and authority over the spirit of infirmity.
  • Gives you tools to work alongside the church in helping Pastors “clean” their congregations so they don’t have to deal with the “drama” that can ensue and be an obstacle for their vision coming to pass.
  • Teaches you how to clearly identify those who need the work and how to set up a working relationship with them.
  • Deepens your communication with the Holy Spirit as He leads you inside the spiritual hindrances that are holding others back so they can be guided to freedom.
  • Keeps you free of emotional wounds and spiritual hindrances so you can close the doors Satan has used to access your life, body and relationships.
  • Positions you to create additional streams of income in your ministry so you can keep doing what the Lord has called you to do without having to hold down a secular job to handle your financial obligations.
  • And SO much more…

This Training is for:

  • Those with a heart to see the people of God healed and set free and walk in the power and works of Jesus.
  • Kingdom-minded Christian leaders ready to be used for powerful, bold works of God.
  • Christian counselors tired of seeing their patients continue to struggle even after months of treatment because you know in your heart that something is missing.
  • Christian coaches who are ready to guide their clients in the true freedom and liberation that comes from understanding the revelation of Jesus as a the Son of God.
  • Those ready to take Kingdom power, authority and dominion over their children, marriages, households, places of work, communities, cities, regions, and nations.
  • Non-traditional Church Leaders ready to move their congregations beyond oppression, affliction and brokenness into being fully empowered in the Lord.



12-session Advanced Training & Certification

Be the vessel the Lord uses to remove brokenness, struggle, emotional wounds, oppression and hindrances from the people
you love and care for.

Many Christians are doing all they know and are being taught to do and they are still struggling in many areas of their lives and are not seeing the promises of the scripture.

Far too many Christians are living in a way that keeps them tethered to their pasts and are in dire need of a clear process that frees them from their pasts and ushers them into who they were created to be.

There is a tremendous need for people to be fully equipped and taught in the area of
complete heart purification and spiritual cleansing or deliverance.

But this word, “deliverance” has been so misunderstood that it has taken on a “bad rap”
in our worship centers, so the leadership usually shies away from it all together.

Yet, there is an ever-increasing demand for well-equipped vessels for healing and
deliverance to guide others in a complete process.

Those who take this training need to come already walking in:

  • Clearly hearing the audible voice of the Holy Spirit.
  • The gift of discernment.
  • Comfort in being still in His presence for at least one hour at a time.
  • Completed and implemented the teachings from the 6-session Clearing the Way Course