Perfecting Your 2020 Strategy to Achieve More with Ease Masterclass


Without a strategy, you are left hoping your goals can happen with no clear plan, path or map.

This course ends the madness!

Most entrepreneurs fly by the seat of their pants. This works when you are starting out, but stops working when you want to grow your business and build your dreams. It is critical to learn how to make the transition from being dragged by the short-terms needs of your clients and business to moving to a place where operating strategically is the norm.

She was searching for a great class on creating her 2020 Strategy and was underwhelmed. So, she created the class that fills in the blanks that others did not address as an entrepreneur.

Ericka walks you through perfecting your 2020 strategy so you know precisely where you are going and how you will get there.


This Course Covers:

  • Why strategy is important
  • How to identify your HBU (Highest & Best Use)
  • How to map out your revenue goals for consistent income
  • The mindset shifts required to move at a strategic level
  • Clarifying your three-ranges of execution
  • Identifying your key platform
  • How to schedule your year for ease
  • Map out when you will execute your strategy

Along with Ericka dropping all kinds of tips, insights and wisdom that will help you design your most astonishing year yet!

You receive:

  • An audio recording of the class
  • A video recording of the class
  • A training packet
  • A bonus 2020 Calendar

71 minutes