The Speaker’s Advantage Series: How to Book Your Speaking Schedule Solid Video Course


This course is for speakers, coaches, business owners, experts, teachers and ministers ready to book more speaking engagements and significantly increase your speaking income.

Take the Mystery out of Filling Your Speaking Calendar with Lucrative Speaking Engagements with a Proven Step-by-Step Process That Consistently Produces New Bookings.

It’s every speaker’s dream for the phone to constantly ring with potential speaking engagements. Or we dream about having someone booking speaking engagements on your behalf. But, it doesn’t work that way.

I often hear Speakers waiting on God to open doors to speaking engagements. This is enough to get you started, and there are many more doors to be opened to you and stages on which you can speak.

This is the perfect time of year to create a powerful strategy to create a full speaking schedule for 2019 and beyond.

It will take rolling up your sleeves, getting serious about increasing your speaking bookings and putting in the effort so you can stay booked and reach more and more audiences with your message.

There is an art to booking multi-thousand dollar engagements and it is up to you to make sure organizations and event planners know about you.

I have been a professional speaker for more than 25 years. Over the years I have booked hundreds of speaking engagements in different markets as a business owner and minister.

I have developed a fail-proof system and sustainable process to keep your speaking calendar booked with powerful organizations that want to hear from you. I have worked this system over and over again to keep my speaking schedule full. It is tested and true.


My 8-step process will walk you through identifying how to get in front of the right audiences that will lead to more and more speaking engagements.

You are ready for this class if:

  • You have been casually booking no or low paying speaking engagements and are ready to earn more for each booking.
  • You would like to get in front of audiences that are more of a fit for you.
  • You are not 100% sure exactly what steps to take to book more ideal engagements.
  • You really want someone else to do this for you, but haven’t been able to find anyone or fit the criteria that booking agencies require.

As a Participant, you will also receive:

  • A Training Packet.
  • A sample speaking contract.
  • Calling scripts for making contact with the key decision makers.
  • Resources to help you manage the back-end process of engagement booking and tracking.
  • 24/7 access to the audio and video recording (and you can download it and keep it forever) of the class so you can listen again and again.