The Power of Vision Book


In Ericka’s experience as a Business coach as well her own personal experience, she discovered that believers, in general, were living a good life but an unfulfilled one. They were functioning and even appeared to be content. However, there was a deep yearning for true meaning and purpose. Believers were spending their lives searching for something that they couldn’t quite put their finger on. They needed to recognize God’s call and discover His vision for their lives.

In this book, Ericka extends her over 22 years of expertise, skills and spiritual gifts to assist you in hearing from God for yourself and in understanding the true definition of vision.  She walks you through the seven components of vision by helping you identify your own purpose, calling, passion, gifts and talents, dreams, desires of your heart and area of service. You will learn how these critical components all converge to illuminate God’s Specific Call on your Life.

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Calling, Vision, Talents, Gifts, Purpose…these words are often used interchangeable to try to describe the life God created you to live. The Lord shared with Ericka how there are 7 aspects of vision and how to identify each one so you can clearly understand your specific and unique Kingdom assignment and what gifts and talents the Lord blessed you with to manifest the fullness of His vision for your life. 90 pages.