Greetings! Here is a video message that will help you release your inner Superhero!

I went to see the movie Avengers yesterday and was reminded of just how much I love superhero movies!

As I watched the theater fill up to capacity I was amazed at the range of ages, ethnicities and genders who filed in to see the movie.

I sat and watched the movie screen as male and female superheroes each were acclaimed for having different sets of gifts in which they operate. They even had their own uniforms that accentuated their ability to use their superpower.

 As I sat there the Lord whispered, “You, too, have superpowers and you haven’t been using all of them.” I left the movie deeply convicted about living beneath the power that is my inheritance in Jesus.

Yes, you are a superhero.

It is time to reconnect with your inner super power.

You sit at the right hand of the Father in Christ which gives you access to all things. You have the power that dispatches angels to orchestrate miracles on your behalf on a daily basis.

You hold the power to call forth anything you need by believing and writing it on your heart. You have the power through Jesus to be healed of any sickness at any time.

You have the power to take dominion and authority over all darkness first inside of you and then around you.

You have been given a very special tool- The Word of God – that leads and guides you and opens the door to constantly hearing the voice of Jesus himself through His Holy Spirit.

You have dominion over all things in the natural realm and in the heavenly realm through Jesus.

You have the power to accelerate the manifestation of all you need.

You have the ability to take dominion power and authority over your circumstances. You have been given dominion power and authority over specific things in both the earthly realm and the heavenly realm.

You can have access to unlimited mysteries and secrets of His Kingdom. He desires to pour out more and more of himself to you so you can experience higher heights and deeper depths of his love and power.

You have your very own superhero costume – the Armor of God – along with the most powerful weapon of all – The Word of God.

You are more powerful that you may realize. You are more powerful than anything of this world.

No matter what you feel like today, you have the power.

No matter what your bank account looks like, you have the power.

No matter who is with you or who seems to be against you, you have the power.

No matter how overwhelmed you are at the “bigness” of bringing forth your vision and releasing all that is within you, you have the power!

You have the ability to call forth more and more resources you need to fulfill the calling and purpose for which you were created. There is nothing that you can’t do through the power of Jesus Christ inside of you. 

You are in this world but not of this world.

You have been given the ability to transcend the things of this world as you focus on your specific contribution to building the Kingdom of God right here and now.

You have the power to leave whatever you have been through in your past behind and become a new person. You have the ability to have a purified heart and spirit that only carries light and the fruit of The Spirit.

You hold the power of death and life in your tongue. You have the power to speak things that are not as though they are and call them into manifestation. You carry the power to create an inheritance for your children’s children.

You have been given a specific gift that you are to use to create your livelihood and set up generational wealth.

There is nothing impossible for you if you are willing believe.

Your business is called to prosper and change entire generations through the products and services you offer.

Your ministry is called to impact the world and set many, many people free so they can understand who they are and live victoriously.

You are a superhero because of Jesus.

As hokey as it sounds, it is true.

Do not accept anything less than the life God has placed in your heart to live. Stand tall today knowing that you have been born for such a time as this to make a difference in the lives of others.

Don’t settle for less than who God created you to be. You are not your past. You are designed for an incredible present and future.

You are truly a superhero in Christ as He has chosen you as one who He can bring forth His greater works. Have a life-changing week!

“If thou can believe, all things are possible to him that believe.” – Mark 9:23

Dedicated to Your Success,