AHHHH! I think I might just scream if I hear someone say, “Satan comes to steal, kill and destroy” ever again. 

This is one of the greatest falsehoods that has permeated the Body of Christ and keeps us bound and distracted from who we really are in Christ.

Satan has been defeated by Jesus. He has no right to ever touch your life, marriage, finances, ministry, family or body through sickness and disease. Even the power of sin that was once granted to him has been broken through Jesus Christ.

Yet, it is as if the Body of Christ did not receive the memo and we still believe that Satan has the power to touch and impede our lives.

It is time that we come into the full understanding that Satan has NO power and NO right to EVER come near you or anything you touch from this instant forward, in Jesus’ name. 

Here is a mini-teaching that reminds you of this truth and teaches on the scripture from which this misunderstanding has stemmed. Here’s to walking in the full power, dominion and authority you have been granted through Jesus!


In His Love,