I’m excited that those of you who were on the Cracking the Code: Accessing Your Wealth call last Thursday are now registering for my complete 4-part telecourse at https://erickajackson.com/crackingthecode.

Seems “Cracking the Code: Secrets to Accessing Your Wealth” is a HUGE need for many of you. And I agree that learning how to move beyond the world’s financial limitations into accessing ALL that the Lord has set aside for you is the #1 process you can learn to create amazing results throughout your entire Kingdom ministry and business.

I want to share a few MINI-LESSONS with you before the course actually begins, and whether you’ve decided to join me or not.

Lesson 1: How Big Is Your God?

I remember one day several years ago when I was in the process of praying and begging God for money. I just couldn’t understand why I was having to juggle so much financially when His Word PROMISES otherwise. I needed to HEAR from Him that day! He responded to me and had me take a look around my life.

He said that everything I saw was the culmination of what I believed Him for. I realized in that moment that my perception of what God could provide for me was based on my daily and monthly financial obligations and not on who He really is and the VAST power we have ACCESS to in our lives.

I all-too-often see my brothers and sisters-in Christ limiting our understanding about God based on our finances. For example, let’s say that there is a program you desire to take or a conference you know if you attended, it would move your spiritual life into a whole, new dimension. Or, you can even use my upcoming telecourse as an example.

Far-too-many of us immediately exclude ourselves from participating based on the current state of our finances. I cannot count the number of times I have been at my Training Center and as the Apostle shared an upcoming class He was teaching that people knew they needed but as soon as He shared the cost of the class, the energy in the room “tightened up” and people became very quiet. I could literally feel the frustration welling up.

They forgot for a moment that NOTHING is too big for God and He desires to give you the Kingdom. They immediately excluded themselves from participating based on cost.

You see, the war is no longer against “the enemy,” it is against our lack of faith and understanding of who we are in relation to God (I Timothy 1:18 – 19). This is one of the things that is really preventing us from access all God has for us (I’ll share the other things in the first class).

Now, I have learned that the Lord gives us these opportunities to stretch our faith and intimacy of Him as the God of provision. God created all things…including money. There is no dollar amount too big for Him. Yet, we limit who He is based on particular dollar amounts or costs. Whatever the amount is for what you need is, it is an amount God can bring you in many different forms.

The real question is – How big are you allowing God to be for you? While this upcoming telecourse is not about encouraging you about things you already know, it is about releasing NEW REVELATION that will completely transform your finances, it is important for us to have a conversation about the financial limitations we put on God.

I want to challenge you today to believe God for what you really need to carry out your ministry. If it so happens that one of the things you need is the resources to carry out the vision He has given you, then I want to invite you to register for my upcoming Cracking The Code: Secrets to Accessing Your Wealth 4-part telecourse that begins on Thursday.

Here’s what you will learn in the first class (remember, there are a total of four classes plus a bonus question and answer class:

* The traditional teachings and falsehoods that have been holding you back from achieving the WEALTH the Lord has set aside for you.

* How to EXCEED the resources of those in the secular world (more is expected of you, therefore you need more resources).

* UNDERSTANDING what is really going on in the Body of Christ and what it takes to come out of this time of the world’s economic breakdown.

* Revealing LITTLE-SHARED TRUTHS about the riches of Jesus and how to be a true reflection of who He is.

* Uncovering the KINGDOM CODE OF WEALTH – 4 secret steps that take the limits off of your earnings.

* How to stop depending on your secular job to provide for you and step into ACTIVATING the Lord’s provision .

* Learn the TRUE definition of Kingdom wealth.

* Get the TOOLS to properly MEASURE your wealth (and it’s not your net-worth or debt-to-income ratio).

* Understanding of CURRENCY vs. money and how to access the SUPERNATURAL PROVISON that is promised to you.

* Having RESOURCES is part of the seven-fold meaning of salvation.

* Learning your TWO GREATEST FORMS OF CURRENCY and how to access them at all times.

* How to truly TRUST God with all of your provision.

* How to ACCESS the different forms of currency you will need to FULLY FUND your ministry work and the CAPITAL your business requires.

And this is just a QUARTER of the content that I’ll be covering in the 4-part “Cracking The Code: Secrets to Accessing Your Wealth” telecourse. I won’t be glossing over ANY details you need to truly partner with God in getting free in the area of finances. I know this is EXACTLY the type of information that you need most as a Kingdom minister (someone called outside of the wall of the church to reach God’s people and the world).

Review all of the details on my complete Cracking The Code (plus the special BONUS Q&A call), and register now at https://erickajackson.com/crackingthecode.

To His Glory, Ericka

P.S. If you missed the content-loaded preview call I did last week, here’s where you can get the AUDIO recording. We’re receiving rave reviews, so it’s worth a listen: https://erickajackson.com/audio/Crackingthecode.mp3.