Business woman.There is a word for the process of God moving you into new dimensions and levels of success and achievement – upleveling.

When you uplevel, it is a palpable and clear shift that you can feel as you move to new heights. Upleveling is powerful and part of the process of achieving success but there are some aspects of upleveling that no one shares with you yet it is part of the process.

Here are a few rules of upleveling that will help you navigate your elevation so you can enjoy a smooth transition into new heights of success:

1. The old must go.
You cannot take the old beliefs, habits, mindsets or patterns into your new reality. Take some time to identify that old behaviors that are no longer supporting where you are and where you are going.

2. Everyone cannot come with you. You will see a shift in your relationships with you as you move into new heights and dimensions of success. This can be an emotional experience so make sure you take time to let your heart heal from those who you cannot bring along. The key to this this is to remember that there are plenty of new friends and acquaintances who will welcome you to the new level with open arms.

3. Clean up the inconsistencies. What are those areas that are no longer consistent on who you’ve become. One of the most challenging areas of inconsistency for visionaries is “the gap.” Vision always proceeds provision so there is usually a gap between where you are in building your vision and the balance of your bank accounts. Make sure you close the gaps of inconsistency as you move upward and onward.

4. It is not about you. As your work gets out in the world, make sure you have done your self-work and you are clear that is it about the work and not about you. Make sure you stay grounded and always remember what you’ve come through so you do not start carrying arrogance or false humility.

5. Stay on top of the little things. As more and more people become familiar with your name and work, it will be easy to fall behind in taking care of the small details that keep you organized and not overwhelmed. One of the little things to make sure you are handling is your rest, balance and self-care.

6. Manage the isolation and share more of yourself at the same time. One of the challenges with upleveling is that you become more public and can feel more alone simultaneously. Make sure you take time to pray for the right mentor who has already achieved what you are moving into and will not be threatened by your success so you can always feel like there is someone who understands what you are going through. The hardest part of this is that it is all-too-often NOT your family members and spouse who will understand and this can feel frustrating.

7. There will be counterfeits. One your way to new growth and progress, you will meet a lot of “counterfeits.” A counterfeit is a person who says they can help you, but they really aren’t assigned to the vision so they don’t last. I always think of counterfeits as those sent to better prepare me for the ones God set aside to help me move ahead.  Be grateful for the counterfeits because they prepare you to be ready for your dream team.

Most of all, enjoy the process. It always takes more time to get ready than you think it will because God has more refining to do in you. Success is all about the quiet work you do in the background while no one is looking. If you diligently move forward in obedience everyday when no one is looking, God will bring you out of hiding and present you powerfully when all to whom He has called you takes notice. Be present to the process and relish the time you have to yourself because one day soon those moments of quiet intention will be traded in for people seeking out your gifts, talent and expertise.

Here’s to smooth transitions and  happy upleveling!

Dedicated to Your Success,