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There are five levels of fearlessness in which you were created to walk in and experience. When you are fearless on EVERY level, fear won’t even cross your mind. You will never have to push against fear again. It will be gone forever.

When you master all FIVE levels…you are unstoppable.

Yet, most people have not even mastered the very first level.

The Five Levels of Fearlessness are:

1. The Thought Level – When you are fearless on this level, fear does not even cross your mind. There is no doubt, hesitation or negative self-talk you have to overcome. It simply does not exist anymore.

2. The Spiritual Level – When you are fearless at this level, the spirit of fear is no longer in you or cannot come near you. Your Holy boldness increases and you truly become unshakeable.

3. The Experiential Level – This is when you are outwardly manifesting your fearlessness in your business, ministry and every area of your life.

4. The Provision Level – You know you are at this level when you have no fear around provision and finances. If God called you out of your job tomorrow, you would not veer, waver or even so much as get nervous because you KNOW He has you. You are able to “pull down” supernatural resources and are focused and centered whether you have or have not.

5. The Kingdom Level – This is when you are moving in the fullness of what you are called to do on the earth. You are walking in the full dominion, power and authority of Jesus and He is using you mightily for His works and His greater works to be ushered in.

You know that God did not give you the spirit of fear…Yet 98% of the Body of Christ is still silently struggling with fear.

You will leave this experience with a whole new understanding of fear and a deep connection with other people soaring to new heights in their lives.

Fear is costing you WAYYYY too much.

It is costing you relationships. It is costing you promotions. It is costing you lost clients. It is costing you a loss of income. It is costing you your health. It is costing you your spiritual divine right and inheritance. It is costing you love. It is costing you time. It is costing you stress. It is costing you your sanity. It is costing you far too much to remain in fear.

Make sure you are not one of those who still live with fear.

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This experience will take you beyond temporary relief to the elimination of fear. After participating in this experience, you will be free to fully focus on moving forward with no detours, obstacles, stuck areas or delays. No more holding back.

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