I have been very quiet about something and it is time to share! shutterstock_253311064

About six months ago I was having very, very sharp pains in my left breast.

It felt as if a knife was stabbing me repeatedly. I could also feel a lump in my breast that was painful to the touch. It was evident that something was very wrong.

When I asked the Holy Spirit what it was, He simply replied, “Cancer.” He reminded me that cancer just means the presence of abnormal cells and it, too, is subject to His name.

I searched my heart and found some remaining anger and let it go. Then, I begin to cast it out in Jesus’ name and commanded the angels of cancer healing to come forth and perform supernatural surgery on my left breast.

I literally felt their presence and then saw in the Spirit what looked like a glob of a black tar-like substance being pulled out of the core of my breast in the Spirit. I felt as if a huge glob of bubble gum was being pulled from inside of my breast. I knew I was healed. I knew the cancer was gone. I didn’t mention a word to anyone but my husband. Of course, I have not had any pain since.

Then, about three weeks ago I went to the Dr. (thank you Obamacare!) and she felt a sizeable lump in my right breast. I could feel it, too. It was unmistakable.

After I left the doctor’s office, I again asked the Holy Spirit what it was. He said, “It is the same thing that was in your left breast (cancer). You only cast it out of the left breast and it was also in the right one.” I thanked the Lord for letting me know what I needed to cast out.

I searched my heart again and found some lingering anger at myself that needed to be released. Then, I got busy casting the cancer out of my right breast in Jesus’ name. In the meantime, the Dr. sent a referral for a mammogram and ultrasound of my right breast.

While I didn’t have the same poignant experience of the cancer being “pulled out,” I did do a lot of expelling of spirit of infirmity and spirit of jealousy (resentment). I decreed and declared that the lump would be gone by the time I had my mammogram.

My appointment was this morning. I wasn’t worried as I knew that through the power of Jesus I could cast it out, but I truly desired the confirmation of absolutely no lump.

As I sat in the lobby waiting for them to call my name, I was thanking Jesus for the power of healing in His name and the profound gift of knowing how to appropriate His name for healing.

After waiting in another waiting room full of women in mauve wrap around hospital tops, I was called in by the mammogram technician. She, too, asked me if I had a lump and in which breast.

“Yes. My right one,” I replied. Then she felt for the lump and didn’t feel anything (it was VERY obvious when my Dr. originally found it). I then had to tell her where it was. She looked perplexed and gave me a sticker to mark the spot where the lump was located.

She then had me sit back in the waiting room so I can be called into to the ultrasound room. I was asked the same thing by that technician. “Did you locate a lump? In what breast?” Again, I replied, “Yes. In my right breast.” She then tried to feel for the lump and said she was having problems feeling anything. I then tried to locate it and again, I could not. I just pointed out the area of the lump my Dr. found and she did an ultrasound.

At the end of the ultrasound she said, “I don’t see anything. But, wait here and I am going to have the Doctor review your ultrasound.” Shortly after that she returned and announced that there was nothing on my mammogram or in the ultrasound and they were both clear.

There was no lump.

I could barely hold still from wanting to jump all around that room in praise and dance.

I just couldn’t hold it in and did holler, “Hallelujah!” as I threw both hands triumphantly in the air.

Three weeks ago there was a very clear lump. Today, after applying the name of Jesus and demanding that it leave my body, there was nothing.

I want to remind you that with belief and authority, there is NOTHING Jesus won’t do for you.

Do not settle. Do not hesitate. Do not doubt. Do not fear.

Believe Him for what you truly desire. Command it into existence.

Focus only on what you desire because whatever you focus on will expand.

And do not allow sickness one single moment in your body. You are a temple of the Most High God in which the Holy Spirit dwells and darkness in the form of sickness has NO right in you.

When you get this – I mean TRULY get this – the sickness must go. It cannot stay.

I praise Jesus that there is healing in His name!

He will do ALL things for you…IF…you believe.

Love, Ericka