Yippee!!! Yahoo!!! I have been in a tremendous process of breaking through to new realms in the Lord and I just HAD to share this with you! It is the LAST thing that needed to be removed from me in order to fully access all He has for me.

Much to my surprise, it was not anything scriptural, or some deep revelation from the Heavenly realm. It was something in ME.
There was something huge inside of me that was keeping me tethered and was slowing me down.

I am beyond excited to know that I am on the other side of this “thing” and now moving in a whole new space in the Lord! I share about what the HUGE thing was and how the Lord showed me to leave it behind once and for all!

If you have that same feeling of being on the verge of something great, but there is something that you have been unaware of holding you back, then this video is a must-see for you. I pray that it blesses you like it blessed me! Enjoy!

Love, Ericka