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Something inside of you has shifted. You have been charging one price for years, but somehow it is no longer honoring the hard work, skill and talent that you give to your clients.

The friends with with whom you have always had so much in common are still talking about the same things, but your mind is 100 miles away.

While they are talking about their dates, shopping and their jobs, you are focused on bettering the areas of your life with which you are not pleased. You no longer want to just talk about it.

You are doing what it takes to walk in the things you desire.

Something has deepened within you. But you cannot put it into words in a way that others may understand.

You have just upleveled, but you may not have had a word for it until now.

Upleveling is the spiritual process of moving to new levels, dimensions and heights of success due to an increase in your capacity for greatness.

When you are moved to a new level, you access more and more of your inner God-given greatness and are able to express and release your greatness into the world with ever-increasing ease.

This all sounds great, right? Yes!

But there is a side to upleveling that people rarely discuss. It is only discussed once you reach a new level and are sitting in the presence of others who have upleveled to that altitude. It is whispered. It is hushed. It is discussed only after glancing over one’s shoulder to see if anyone else is listening.

Uplevel causes upset in your life.

Things change when you uplevel.

Things change when you uplevel. The status quo will no longer do in your life. This can shake up friendships, relationships, the way you perceive things, the value you place on your time and the way you walk through life.
This upleveling can result in only two reactions from people – either they rise with you or they exit your life. This exiting may be temporary or it can be permanently. Either way, they must exit and it is nothing personal, but when you are upleveling, it can feel very personal.

Okay, that a nice way of putting it.

These shifts can actually leave you with a lack of understanding and sometimes feeling like you may be crazy because you shifted and everyone else did not make the shift with you.

It is as if you received a secret code to make everything around you brighter and more powerful, but no one else received the code. They did not get the same memo you received.

I want to help you not feel “crazy” as you are in the midst of an uplevel. There are 6 key areas in which you will see significant shifts in your life when you uplevel. Understanding how they look and feel will help you gain clarity, peace and be able to seamlessly move from one level to the next without sabotaging yourself or feeling isolated.

The six areas impacted the most by upleveling are:
1. Relationships
2. Self-care
3. Capacity for greatness
4. Efficiency and time management
5. Level of discipline
6. Self-value

Your Relationships. When you uplevel, you are no longer the same person you used to be and it shows up in your relationships. Things that you are your friends used to talk about all of the time no longer appeal to you. You may also begin to crave more fulfillment in your marriage or significant relationship. It may also show up in your family if your family shares negative or joking comments about your desire for more. The key is to share how you are feeling so your friends and loved ones can better understand what you are going through.

Your Self-Care. When you are in the process of upleveling, you will begin to notice things about your body and energy level that you simply have not had the “bandwidth” to give your full attention. You may decide to pull back on all you have been doing for others so you have more time, energy and attention for yourself. Definitely listen to your body and give yourself the attention you are desiring. More quiet reading. More balance. More bubble baths. More honoring how you are really feeling and not trying to make everyone happy at the expense of your energy and well-being.

Your Capacity For Greatness. Another thing that inevitably happens when you uplevel is things that you have been trying and trying to get done become easier to complete. Perhaps you have been working on a book for years, but then all of a sudden, you make the decision to complete the book and before you know it, it is completed. This is not something you can make happen. It automatically happens when you rise to your new level.

Your Efficiency and Time Management. A key area that shifts when you move to new heights of success is in relation to your time. Your time becomes much more valuable and you notice different areas of your life in which you have not been operating efficiently. You begin to see that you would rather create a new product that you have been thinking about than watch that TV show you DVR’d and usually run to watch at the end of the day. You may also find yourself saying, “No” to clients who have not been honoring the rates you would like to begin charging for your products and services. Honor this desire and get clear about the value of your time. And definitely take the time to find the right time management system for you at this new level of operation.

Your Level of Discipline. Perhaps one of the most fabulous thing that occurs when you uplevel is that your self-discipline increases. You may have known for years that you wanted to consistently exercise, but before you upleveled, you never seemed to have time. But now, it is no longer negotiable. Being disciplined has become a way of life for you and you begin to shift your levels of self-control in your life. Doing the writing, making healthier choices, keeping your work, making sure you follow-through, making better financial choices, among other things, will seem to easily shift into a new level of focus and discipline.

Your Self-value. With each new level to which you move, you become more and more clear about your beauty, value, grace, loveliness, and inner joy. Your self-adoration and self-love grows exponentially and you begin to literally feel your greatness and move from striving and people-pleasing to simply intentionally express your inner greatness in every area of your life.

I hope that helps you better understand the dynamics of upleveling so you don’t think you are crazy and know that this is part of your process of achievement and success.

If you would like more insight on how to navigate smoothly through an uplevel, you can learn more in my blog, The Art of Upleveling. Here’s to happy upleveling!

What have you observed and discovered as you have moved to new levels and heights of success?

[Ericka D James, The Results Accelerator, is a master trainer and business expansion expert who works with business owners, training them to step into their full power and value to build high-impact businesses. She also oversees ministries that transform the world through the Kingdom Minister’s Association, a training and empowerment organization for ministers called beyond the walls of the church. Learn more about her life’s work at and www.]