I often hear people say “Where there is vision, there is provision.”coins

Yes, there is always provision stored up that covers the cost of the vision.

But the rest of this is that there are some prerequisites to God releasing the provision into your hands.

We often forget that the right timing must be present in order for God to release of the provision into ready hands.

When the provision is truly released it comes in two different forms – constant flow and an influx.

The first form of provision comes as you need it. It is released “just in time.” You have the ongoing money to fund the growth of your vision, but it is coming forth on an “as-needed” basis so your faith can be exercised.

The second type of provision, influx, comes as the Lord touches people’s hearts to give and share their resources with you and by supernatural means.

This could be in the form of people purchasing your products and services or giving to your ministry. It could be in the form of an idea that will produce revenue for you. It may even be a supernatural  manifestation of money where there was none just moments before.

The great news is that you hold to power to impact how quickly God releases the provision for your vision.

Once you complete these pre-requisites, you are ready for Him to release the resources into your hands (and accounts):

1. Obedient action. No waiting on the provision to move. You must move in faith and then, and only then, the provision will come.

2. A Pure Heart. There is a saying that money magnifies what is already in a person’s heart. This is very true!

The Lord does not release the full provision until your heart is full of light and is carrying little or no worry, anxiety, disobedience, anger, emotional wounds from your past, insecurities, rejection or negativity (and other forms of emotional darkness). These delay the manifestation of provision.

3. A Cleansed Spirit. God must be able to trust you as a Kingdom distribution center.

If there is spiritual darkness such as pride, arrogance, materialism, insecurity, selfishness, fear, envy, sickness, unbelief, disobedience (and many other forms of spiritual darkness) still standing in the way of you being a pure vessel for His giving it to others, then He will not release the full provision into your hands.

He must know that you are ready to selflessly steward it appropriately.

But sadly enough, this is not something you will learn from the traditional church experience.

You have to seek deeper understanding from the Lord and more advanced training.

Just as a student who seeks to learn more about their chosen topic of study should pursue higher forms of education such as a Masters or Doctorate degree, this who seek higher and deeper understanding in the things of Jesus and His Holy Spirit should seek advanced training and equipping so they can have all of the provision released into their hands.

It is time for you to eliminate anything standing between you and the full provision for God’s purpose for your business, ministry and life.

This is the only training available that includes 6 revelations and many, many insights that will guide you in going inside the scripture to purify your heart AND cleanse your spirit.

Once you do this, darkness will never be able to stop you again.

In addition to emotional certainty, peace, joy, and increased open dialogue with the Holy Spirit to lead and guide you, you will have a constant flow of money, time, favor, currency and support moving you forward in manifesting Gods calling.

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