Greetings! I was just sitting with a ministry client and she asked me if I ever feel a sense of urgency to get certain things done in my ministry and business.

My answer was a resounding, “Yes!”

I began to share about how there is a serious sense of urgency for the Lord to release what He has placed inside of her. And that there are people literally praying for someone to come and share the answers they have been praying for.

I can feel that this is also true for you.

I have noticed that this sense of urgency is increasing. It is literally pulling you into obedience in a way that can no longer be avoided.
It is no longer enough to know what the Lord has instructed you to do. You MUST operate at a new level of discipline to get it done.

I was reminded as I was working with another leader yesterday, that seeing things through to completion is a skill that we must train ourselves to master.

How do you move forward heeding the call that this sense of urgency is causing in your life?

Here are a few guidelines to help you. And I truly want to challenge you to complete those projects that you have begun, but not finished so you can get them in the hands of those for whom the Lord has intended.

1. Give yourself a specific timeline in which to finish your outstanding projects.

2. Schedule specific chunks of time to complete the projects.

3. No excuses. If the Lord is asking you to do something you have never done before, do the research to figure out how. Do an internet
search, get a book, work with a local librarian to find a resource. Do whatever you have to do to learn what you have to learn to make it happen.

4. Stop talking about what you are going to do and just do it. It takes up good energy to keep talking but never produce.

5. Share it with others. Once you complete the project, the work really begins. You now are fully responsible to get it into the hands of  those people whom you are called.

5. Celebrate! It is easy to just jump to the next incomplete project without taking a breath to celebrate your completion. Do something special for yourself to mark the obedience and discipline it required of you to carry out the Lord’s instruction.

But whatever you do, get it done.

The Lord literally told me that He was holding back my financial flow until I released all of what He has placed within me and shared it with others.

It is time! MOVE forward with a focus and concentration that surpasses anything you have ever done before and watch all of Heaven respond.

Have a great weekend and I’ll talk to you next week!

In Him,