Once my first alarm goes off in the morning, I hit the snooze button, then take that time to make the transition into “awakeness” by asking the Lord what He would like me to focus on or share that day. On Monday of this week, He gave me three words. Having these three words actively working in your life and vision will create massive results.

These three words are:

1. Challenge.
2. Accountability.
3. Consistency.

You are not be the same person you were yesterday. Each and every day is an opportunity to close the gap between who God created you to be and where you were yesterday. Every day your habits need to be refined so you create the results you desire to see in your business and ministry. New levels of challenge, accountability and consistency will do this.

Challenge. In order to accelerate the tasks that you are crossing off of your To-Do list, you must first challenge yourself. It is far too easy for you to remain at the same level of comfort for days, months or even years at a time. This just won’t do.

In order to move forward, you must constantly challenge yourself to be better, bigger, bolder each day. Stretch yourself. Keep stretching yourself until living in that place of constant stretching becomes normal for you. Don’t allow yourself to become comfortable with anything less than the results you need to produce to operate at the level to which you are called.

Accountability. A funny thing happens when you commit to being extraordinary. You have less and less people who are “flying at your altitude.” This means less and less people to even understand what you are building, not to mention helping to hold you accountable and on task.

This is when your vision becomes between just you and God and it is easy to cease holding yourself accountable because you are already doing more than most. Yet, you know that there is so much more in you that needs to be expressed and released to produce the results to which you are called. You must have a powerful form of accountability, preferably to more than one person so you can take advantage of the capacity for success of more than one person.

I have learned that others actually have a capacity or limit for YOUR success. When you brush up against the limits of their capacity for YOUR success, you will recognize it because they will either begin to say snide, biting comments about you or themselves in relation to how your success is making them feel.

This is why is it important for you to connect with multiple people to keep you accountable, focused and holding your “feet to the fire” to push you and encourage you dig deeper than you have ever dug before and experience more than you have ever achieved before. Once you are challenging yourself on a regular basis and have a team to hold you accountable, then comes the final ingredient to this trinity.

Consistency. Consistency takes you deeper than the goal, or outcome, to what it takes to naturally create that goal. I all-too-often hear people say that something (that diet, that training program, that gym membership, that new planner, etc.) did not work for them. It is not the program that did not work for them; it is that they did not develop the necessary consistency to get the result of achieving their goals. When your activities, habits and behaviors change, your goal is easily realized.

Being consistent requires that you have support structures that keep you focused and your eyes solely on the consistency at-hand so no distractions seep in and you can remain consistent no matter how you are feeling, whether you have or have not, or what circumstances are showing up in your life.

When you have all three of these things solidly in place, which takes practice and a process, you will easily SOAR into the reality of your goals being attained and your vision being fulfilled.

And, as always, enjoy!

With Love and Dedication to Your Success,