Good morning! The theme of my world today is to move to a new level of self-discipline and consistency. I have to remind myself to simply compare where I am with where I know I can be. There is always room for improvement! I remember saying to myself so many times over the years, “I wish Kalii were old enough for me to go walking first thing in the morning!” Well, she’s almost 12 now and quite self-sufficient – hallelujah! And since I am breaking my bad habit of staying up wayyyyy too late (I read books way into the night on most nights), I got to bed last night on-time and I woke up feeling energized and ready for my day! While Kalii got ready for school, I headed out at 6am and got my daily walk in. It sounds so simple, but it was so profound and I am moving at a whole new level today! It’s all about moving from “here to there” for me now. I’ll keep you updated on my progress…

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