Things have changed. After spending years of time and energy pushing, prodding and focusing forward on my vision it is manifesting at a much faster rate. It feels so good! I guess I thought that when I got to this point, I would feel like running around doing the happy dance and singing at the top of my lungs all the time (like the scene from The Wiz when the wicked witch died and the servants started singing, “Everybody look around, there is a reason to rejoice you see…the sun is shining joyfully…can-you-feel-a-brand-new-day?) and yet, I am just calmy and quietly ready. I am simply ready. I am ready for the flow, the ease, and to truly trust God and his glorious riches to provide everything for me, my vision, my life, my daughter, and my new Director of Marketing and Promotions (hallelujah!!!). I don’t have to do everything anymore. No stress. No worry. No doubt. No fear. Amazing! Learning how to direct and use The Holy Spirit and it’s language were the key for me. I have a deep knowing that my world is truly new and I am ready. Bring it ONNNN!

Ericka D. Jackson

Christian Speaker. Author. Breakthrough Coach

Living God’s Vision As Your Vocation

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