I have been thinking about my journey the last 7 years of doing the work of God full-time. It has been an amazing road with so many lessons, challenges and opportunities to increase my faith and trust in The Lord. I am so grateful when I hear about the morning traffic that commuters face or the frustrating dynamics between employees and their bosses and I think about the life God has blessed me to live. Yes, I admit, most mornings I walk down the stairs to my office wearing my workout clothes and flip-flops and my commute is over. My daughter comes home to me being able to ask her how her day was. And I can cook a great meal during the day to fully support my commitment to weight loss. Even though there have been times I wished I had more resources at my disposal (that’s a fancy way of saying more cash in my wallet), I have been so blessed. I have spent so much time looking and moving forward that I sometimes have overlooked how blessed I am everyday. My lesson today has been to fully recognize and acknowledge the blessings that I can take for granted in this vision-journey.

Ericka D. Jackson

Christian Speaker. Author. Breakthrough Coach

Living God’s Vision As Your Vocation

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