This month’s complimentary teaching covered three keys to help you increase the income in your ministry. I can’t quite put the resistance I had to overcome into the words. When I asked the Lord why all of the resistance and what part of the teaching satan was trying to stop you from seeing. He replied that it was the first key I taught in the teaching.

Of course, I continued doing whatever it took until the teaching is available for you to review in its fullness.

 Even if you were on the live training, I challenge you to take the time to take a look at these video recordings because the Lord had me relay the entire teaching so you can see it with no distractions.

They are broken up into three parts that coincide with the three keys.

The deeper live teleclass/webinar training will be on Tuesdays July 17th and 24th.

Click Here for full details and to get registered.

I’ll talk to you on the 17th! Enjoy!

Here is the Third Key Teaching Video:

Love, Ericka