I can tell God has moved me to a higher level – a bigger and better level. I am identifying thoughts that are too small for who I know myself to be. Kalii and I went looking at a $2.29 million mansion on Sunday and we agreed (and she is only 12 years old!) that it wasn’t big enough for all that we had in mind for our next home. It was gorgeous and a high-end luxury home, just not big enough for us. I have fully accepted that I am a huge thinker and I need huge goals to focus on. Anything else feels too confining. My friend, Martha, and I were talking about how we have fully conceived the life that we desire but are living in the in-between, that area of preparation where it hasn’t fully manifested. We were talking about how we have out grown our current lives. This was confirmed on Sunday when my Pastor taught on casting our nets into the deep. If it is something that I can figure out or feel like I can do on my own, I don’t need God. It reminded me to leave baby-stepping behind and to really go out into the deep where God and only God can do it. I know that in my weakness, God will show up strong. So, I’m in…will you join me?

Ericka D. Jackson

Christian Speaker. Author. Breakthrough Coach

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