I was interviewing my Pastor for his upcoming book on Life More Abundantly and he talked about the importance of order in the process of receiving God’s abundance. While I understood the importance, my outlook was more of a “I’ll work now and get order later – after I can pay someone to do it.” Well, that had to shift and I took time yesterday to work in a different form, getting order in my physical environment. While I keep things generally tidy, this was that toothbrush-in-the-corner type of cleaning. It felt great!

Today has been about working on my website and completing the editing on my books for national distribution. I have been working in smaller chunks of time and it feels great and more flowing to me. And I need all the flow I can get because my soon-to-be twelve year-old daughter has fallen in love and has lost her mind! I’m trying to maintain, but I think she’s out to drive me crazy! Whew…as if pre-teen mood changes aren’t enough! I have to admit, it has really been draining to me. But the good news is that today, I have my smiling, happy, joyful daughter back. I hope this mood stays awhile…

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