Greetings! Release Your Kindom Wealth

I have known for years that I am called to guide others to manifest their Kingdom Wealth. Yet I had not been fully released by the Holy Spirit to put it out there in a big way.

Until now…

Last month I just had to get away to think. Business and ministry was pulling on me. I was tired. I was stretched. I felt like I just needed some space.

I got away for a “think-ation” at a dear friend’s condo on the beach and after disappearing between the plush down comforter and foam memory mattress for several hours of undisturbed sleep, the Lord began outpouring to me. He said that it was time for me to release the fullness of my calling – Releasing the Kingdom Wealth in others.

You may have noticed that I revised the header on my website and facebook page to reflect this.

It really is time to release your Kingdom Wealth!

What is your Kingdom Wealth? Your Kingdom Wealth is having an abundance or profusion of anything. Having a plentiful amount of health, emotional wholeness, greatness, revelation of the Lord, provision, instruction, resources and any and everything else you need to walk in the fullness of what you are called to do.

Kingdom wealth is your birthright as a child of the Most High God. And through Christ, we have a way to access it on a daily basis.

All of the work I have done up to this point has been to prepare for this full release.

What began with clarifying your vision evolved into fearlessness. Fearlessness evolved into building thriving ministries and businesses. Then the message moved beyond being free not only from fear but from all 14 stronghold spirits and their fruit in your life in your heart and spirit.

That has evolved into removing all hindrances from your life so you can truly BE who God created you to be . No holding back. No watering it down. No shifting so others smallness is comfortable. Each and every one of these are a phase you must go through in order to fully release ALL you were created and called to be.

Now comes the fullness of my calling. Now is the time to truly release and LIVE your Kingdom Wealth!

It’s a whole new altitude! Off we go!

Love, Ericka