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God placed a vision within you to bring forth for such a time as this. In order to achieve the fullness of your vision, there are a few tools you need so you are fully equipped to move forward in humility, power and boldness.
This Vision Elevation Package helps you clearly identify your vision and the gifts and talents the Lord has given you to bring it forth and then know how to carve out the time to get it done.

One of my areas of passion is time and energy management and I truly lay out all of the components of Christ-centered productivity that literally supernaturally stretches the time you need to bring forth your vision in one of my best teachings ever, Time Management Mastery: The 7 Keys to Effective Christ-Centered Productivity.

My eBook, The Power of Vision: Recognizing God’s Call helps you become clear about what God has called you to do and precisely what gifts and talents He gave you to know how He called you to manifest it.

Once you are clear about your vision, I am often asked, “Ericka, how do I make a smooth transition from my day job to working in my business or ministry on a full-time basis in a way that can financially support me?” I have answered this question by guiding you in creating a clear path of transition in the eBook, When God Calls: Living God’s Vision For Your Life.

Once you are clear about your vision and have developed a clear plan to fully live it, then comes the next question, “When in the world do I get all of this done?!” While the Lord gives you His vision for your life, He seldom tells you the specifics of when and how to get it done. Enjoy! – Love, Ericka

 It’s Time to Power Up and Bring it!!!

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Time Management Mastery: The 7 Keys to Effective Christ-Centered Productivity Business Training and  Handout

Second to knowing your calling, creating the time to get it done is the next important thing to living the life for which you were created.

After more than 22 years of studying time management and productivity, I have become a master of time and energy management and shares her best tips, techniques and tools in this life-changing teaching. Learn how to keep Christ first and get all you are called to do done with energy left over. MP3 Audio training (a $47 Value).

Your Vision Elevation Package also includes:

The Power of Vision: Recognizing God’s Call eBook

The Power of Vision 3D Book Cover
Vision. Calling. Purpose. Dreams, etc. What is
the difference and how do you understand these differences in order to become crystal clear on how to manifest all God has created you to do
with the specific gifts and talents He has bestowed upon you? This quick and simple
shows you how (a $9.95 Value).

When God Calls: Living God’s Vision For
Your Life eBook

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This is the book Ericka wishes she had when
she was called out of corporate America
into full-time ministry and business. Learn
how to identify the signs of timing and make
a smooth financial transition from your secular job to your business or ministry in this step-by-step guide (a $15.95 Value).

(a $73 value)

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