Okay, I’m looking into starting an official blog because I want to hear back from you. I’ll let you know when it’s up-and-running. A couple of things are on my mind…time in relation to this new level and the critical importance of me not ever, ever, ever again missing a day of renewing my mind. Yesterday I did not spend the time that I needed to spend making sure that my mind is fully stretched to receive all that God has for me and I noticed a huge difference. No more. I must do what I need to do (get to bed early, etc.) to be able to have my morning renewal time in addition to my prayer and scripture time. It is no longer negotiable.

The other thing on my mind is that I’ve been agitated about me allowing things on my schedule that are distractions. As I look back over the years on this journey, I realize that this occurs at every new level I encounter. So, the learning is that with each new level comes a new level of focus and a shift of how I am using my time and energy. I have to remember that it is not me doing this work, it is God doing this work through me and in His Kingdom, there is plenty.

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