I can feel a real shift in my world. It feels like a flow that I haven’t ever felt. I’ve prayed about it, I’ve desired it, I’ve prepared for it. Now I am living it. Last night I attended a Bible Study with a friend in Durham, NC and I was reminded of just how hard Satan has tried to attack me. For the first time, I could see years of different ways he has come at me. Whether it was through people, the spirit of lack and financial confusion, the spirit of lust, the spirit of rebellion, the spirit of pride…it’s truly been most of my life that I have been under spiritual attack. I can even remember people that have been sent my way that were being “used” to hinder me. Wow! I feel so grateful today that God has delivered me from all of the attacks that have knowingly and unknowingly been targeted at my life! I feel released! I feel so free! I feel so grateful to God today. Humbly grateful to God. My prayer for you is that dark spirits pass over you and move on so you, too, can feel your flow. Amen!

Ericka D. Jackson

Christian Speaker. Author. Breakthrough Coach

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