To truly succeed in business and ministry, it is about doing it in spite of fears and insecurities, it is about getting rid of them once and for all. This is done in the spiritual realm and removes the obstacles in your business and ministry.

As you build your business and grow your ministry, there are many potential distractions or strongholds that are hiding along the way. One of the most powerful things you can do is to make sure that the spiritual root has been destroyed so you don’t have to expend the tremendous amounts of energy it takes to try to move forward in spite of fear, doubts, procrastination and so many other things that can plague you on the way to the top of your chosen area.

But, how do you truly identify something so you know what you’re dealing with and how to truly get free from it? Because those little, nagging issues that can divert and distract you from manifesting your vision only respond by name or nature, it is imperative to know  the spiritual root of your issue.

Every spirit produces fruit and once you identify what fruit you are dealing with, you can easily identify the spirit that is responsible for it. When you do this, the issues associated with the spirit also leave. For example, fear is not something made up. It is not something that you learn to operate in-spite of. It is a spirit and it produces procrastination, worry, stress, disorganization, overwhelm and doubt (among many others).

This critical understanding is not being taught and as a result we all-too-often end up on the defensive side of our visions and never make it to the place where building your business begins to feel simple, fun and exciting! Or growing your ministry feels joyful, light and exhilarating.

I share more about this in this short video. Here’s to building your vision with ease! Enjoy! Love, Ericka