I have heard just how tough 2007 was for so many people. Financial challenges. Health challenges. Relationship challenges. Challenges of all sorts just seem to have kept coming. 2007 was all about God completing you so He can begin His work in you. Any issues that were keeping you bound worked themselves out as they reared their ugly heads. Any relationships that were in the way ended or changed form. You were cleaned out. I feel like I was taken by the ankles, turned upside-down and shaken until the last limited part of myself had to come out. Finally, you were complete. It also means that you are in position for a tremendous 2008.

 Now, God can use you. There are no more major issues standing in your way and you are truly empty to fill up with God’s will, Christ’s thoughts, and forward action. While the path to get in position may have been painful, making it through calls for celebration because not everyone made it. Some people got stuck in their “stuff” as it came up and out of their lives. The work and need to persist was just too much. They did not make the decision to fully live God’s will no matter what it took. For those of you who did not make it out, the work continues.

 For those who did make it through, 2008 is all about manifesting your greatness. It is no longer just something to feel on the inside, it is time to bring it powerfully to the world. Write it. Package it. Speak it. Share it. Market it. It is time to live The Word and make your vision come true. Here’s to a power-filled 2008!