“But if I cast out devils by the Spirit of God, then the kingdom of God is come unto you.” Matthew 12:28

We are living in an unprecedented time in the Body of Christ. The Lord is releasing secrets of Heaven that have been locked up for centuries for such a time as this. As this light pours forth on to the earth as fresh revelation, it also means that the adversary is also releasing more darkness – as ordained by The Father – so we learn how to overcome and become unshakeable in our walk with the Lord.

The Body of Christ is moving in the era of the gospel of the Kingdom (Matthew 24:14) and this means that we must become pure and clean vessels to carry the works of Jesus Christ into all the world.

You are one of these chosen vessels.

In order to be this vessel, deliverance is more important than ever before. Yet, few Christians even know what deliverance is and how to walk in it. I share about this in this video teaching so we will all walk in one accord with what Jesus is doing upon the earth and be in position to bring forth His Kingdom.


In His Love, Ericka