I have known that this Beyond Fearless work of purifying our hearts and cleaning our spirits is what the Body of Christ needs in a major way. We are literally stuck in so many ways because of a lack of understanding in this area.

Yet, it doesn’t seem like today’s Christians are that interested in presenting ourselves faultless before the Lord. And the spirit of fear is running so rampant in the Body of Christ that we have moved into a place where we are actually scared of living in a way that brings forth all of the power of Jesus in our lives.

And we don’t even realize it.

Then, the Lord shared with me how to present this work in a way that the Body of Christ will not run from it, but will run to it. He took me to the Word and showed me how to present the critical work of His to His Body so that we can be fully prepared here upon the earth for all He is doing in the Heavenly realm.

Here is a video teaching about what He revealed. Enjoy!

In His Love, Ericka