We are having an epidemic in the Body of Christ. We are trying to gain the full reward of the Lord without doing the work He requires of us to receive it.

You can market and connect with our flock until we are blue in the face, but if you aren’t doing the inner work to be in the Lord’s presence on a daily basis and to become clean before Him, it will cause holes in our ministry that will eventually end up caving in.

I am going to be sharing more and more video teachings of how to specifically grow your ministry, but first, you must have the hunger to rid your life of all works of the flesh so God opens up the inheritance to His Kingdom to you. There is no other more effective way to grow your ministry but to be a clean vessel for the works of Jesus upon the earth.

When Jesus truly shows up, not just teachings of Him, but His Spirit, signs, wonders and miracles happen that will catapult your ministry into new realms and people will spread the work of your ministry so Jesus can draw men unto Him. If your ministry doesn’t seem to be growing, I can tell you that the many hats you are wearing as a minister have taken you away from presenting yourself to Jesus without spot, wrinkle or blemish. And your leadership team doing the same.

I teach a bit on how to get back on track in this video. Enjoy!

In His Love, Ericka