I hope you are doing wonderfully! I have had a blast the last week traveling to different teaching engagements. I absolutely LOVE that the Lord brings a different message every time He has me speak depending on what a particular group of His children need.

As I was praying about what to share with you today, the Lord urged me to remind you that you hold within you a direct way to access everything you need at any time.

Here is a snippet from a speaking engagement I did last Friday evening that reveals how to access all that you need from the Heavenly realm.

Time? Peace? Love? Resources? Support? Healing? Whatever you need can be accessed through a gateway that you may not even be aware that you carry.

Take a look at the video (sorry the lighting isn’t the best) and you can learn how to access this pathway to, well, everything. Have an incredible week! Enjoy!

Love, Ericka