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Satan Has No Power

AHHHH! I think I might just scream if I hear someone say, “Satan comes to steal, kill and destroy” ever again. 

This is one of the greatest falsehoods that has permeated the Body of Christ and keeps us bound and distracted from who we really are in Christ.

Satan has been defeated by Jesus. He has no right to ever touch your life, marriage, finances, ministry, family or body through sickness and disease. Even the power of sin that was once granted to him has been broken through Jesus Christ.

Yet, it is as if the Body of Christ did not receive the memo and we still believe that Satan has the power to touch and impede our lives.

It is time that we come into the full understanding that Satan has NO power and NO right to EVER come near you or anything you touch from this instant forward, in Jesus’ name. 

Here is a mini-teaching that reminds you of this truth and teaches on the scripture from which this misunderstanding has stemmed. Here’s to walking in the full power, dominion and authority you have been granted through Jesus!


In His Love,


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  • Kimshiree September 16, 2011, 8:24 am

    I’ve been enjoying your teachings. I have to admit so of the teachings had me put on my stocking cap(LOL), but worth every minute. This particular lesson, satan has no power, I saw in another light, when the Word of God says the “thief”. The thief can be also, like you mentioned false prophets or those leading the sheep astray; but satan is still a thief and If one allow him to, he will steal. I know satan has no power and he is under my feet; and Jesus has ALL POWER! And like Jesus, I too, posse this same power!!..satan is powerless: that’s why I put the “s” in lower caps, because his power has been relinquished!!…Continue to be used for God’s Glory knowing that you are making an impact in the world!..God bless you, sister, and God bless Kingdom Ministry!…I appreciate any more information or resources that God places in your heart for me to continue to grow and fulfill God’s purpose(s) here on earth. I truly benefit from the teachings; whatever for me or whatever not…Thank You, and God bless you!!

    • Ericka October 3, 2011, 1:09 pm

      Yes! I know the teachings sometimes leave the breath knocked out of us (or in response to the stocking cap comment [too funny!], “blow your hair back”,] but it is time that we truly come into the Truth. Satan can only be what we allow Him to be, nothing more. So true…Thank you for your comments! I appreciate your sharing. Have a great week! In Him, Ericka

  • Forgiveness Mnisi September 28, 2011, 8:25 pm

    Hi Ericka that is so true I am still here we had a guest speakers from Tanzania and South Africa at the Spirit Songs and wonderful time did not get time to introdused u to the Apsttle Sophy the time was just too short but she will be back again its been so busy but now Im back I did not open my mail for 3weeks its been so slow I got some body to fix my comp just two days ago Im glad that now I can check my mails .Be Blessed talk to u soon

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